What Are The Best Canned Cocktails?

What Are The Best Canned Cocktails?

Canned cocktails have become a party favorite and an at-home staple, and it’s not hard to see why! People love canned cocktails because they are refreshing, tasty, and convenient for any occasion, no matter how large or small. Now with the best canned cocktails, you can enjoy your favorite drinks without having to buy all the individual ingredients and attempting to mix them up yourself. Instead, you can simply let the experts handle it while you purchase a canned cocktail, open it, and enjoy it.

Cocktails in a can are the perfect beverage if you a diva always on the go. Whether you’re planning a squirrels’ trip or walking children in nature, or living your best life at a kiki, canned cocktails are a convenient way to take the party with you wherever your favorite adventures are. The wide variety of available cocktails also makes them a great addition to any extravaganza, allowing the host to feel more at ease, and is sure to be a fan-favorite with guests. So, now that we’ve talked about all the reasons that you’d want to look for the best canned cocktails – which ones should you buy?

This guide covers some of the best canned cocktails available and why you might want each one. Let’s get started!

Best Strawberry Daiquiri Cocktail

The strawberry daiquiri is a sweet twist on the classic daiquiri. Typically frozen, this tasty cocktail usually includes strawberries, lime, simple syrup, and rum. Now, you can get this refreshing cocktail in a can without the trouble of finding fresh ingredients and mixing it up yourself!

If you love strawberry daiquiris or fruity drinks in general, your new bestie is going to be the HOUSEOFLOVE Strawberry Daiquiri. This delicious canned cocktail has the taste of real fruit juice, sweet strawberry flavor, and the light flavor of white rum that is perfect for any party – whether that party is all your favorite people or just you and RuPaul’s Drag Race on your TV.

Best Watermelon Cocktail

You simply cannot go wrong with combining real fruit juice with good, strong vodka. One of the most refreshing fruits ever, watermelon, meets some smooth vodka in the HOUSEOFLOVE Watermelon Vodka canned cocktail. This can is ready-to-drink and gives the easy-breezy summer fantasy, henny. Full of sweet, ripe watermelon flavor and made with premium vodka, it's the perfect cocktail for your next backyard pool party or to keep you company and remind you of last summer’s Pride kikis in the dark, cold days of winter.

Best Pomegranate Cocktail

People love pomegranate juice in cocktails for its perfect blend of tart and sweet that adds depth to even the simplest cocktails. This delectable fruit pairs perfectly with vodka and some citrus sour to create the HOUSEOFLOVE Pomegranate Lime Vodka canned cocktail. With the best ready-to-drink cocktails, you can get a tasty pomegranate drink anytime, anywhere. It’s refreshing and layered the house down boots! And it pairs well with appetizers for a party or frozen pizza for a night in. Now, you won’t have to figure out what on earth to do with the rest of that bottle of pomegranate juice.

Best Tangerine Margarita Cocktail

What could be more refreshing than a cold tangerine margarita? This cocktail packs a special vitamin C punch with some tangerine juice, making it perfect for summer fun and for keeping sickness away during flu season. There are many remixes of this tried-and-true party favorite, but the main ingredients in each rendition are tangerine juice and tequila.

If you love tangerine margaritas, you’ll be GAGGED to hear about the HOUSEOFLOVE Tangerine Margarita canned cocktail! Made with real fruit juice, premium Mexican tequila, and a sweet tangerine flavor, this cocktail will be perfect at your next big soirée or taco Tuesday.

Best Canned Mocktail

We are always striving to be truly inclusive because there’s space for every color on this rainbow, henny! If you or your best Judys love to celebrate but aren’t into alcoholic bevvies, you’ve come to the right place. In addition to all of our stunning canned cocktails, we’ve got some canned mocktails that are 0% ABV and 100% fun to drink.

If you are on the hunt for a delicious classic mocktail, look no further than the HOUSEOFLOVE Colada Mocktail. This mocktail has all the yummy flavors of a classic pina colada, minus the alcohol aftertaste and aftermath. This refreshing beverage is perfect for any occasion to give you that relaxing vacation realness.

Our options don’t stop there! We always go extra with our mocktails. Go ahead and check out our Ginger Mule if you’re feeling a little spicy! This mouthwatering mixer is serving refreshing ginger and lime that you’ll love at your next event!

Best Canned Variety Pack

A variety pack of canned cocktails is the best way to try several flavors of a brand at once or stock up for all the parties you’ve got planned. If you’re gearing up for the latest episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race or hosting a movie night, you’ll want to check out the Viewing Party Boxes by HOUSEOFLOVE. We’ve got the All-star pack, the Squirrel Friend pack, the Hall of Fame pack, and last but certainly not least, the Variety Pack. Each pack comes with 24 cans in a variety of flavors, so pick the one that has all your friends’ favorites and get ready to celebrate.

P.S. If you get a Viewing Party box to keep all to yourself, we won’t tell anyone! Enjoy that night in, and treat yourself, queen!

Let’s Get This Party Started!

If you’re ready to start celebrating the fact that you’ve found the best canned cocktails and mocktails on the internet, we are so excited to have you! The HOUSEOFLOVE Cocktails, by Mama RuPaul herself, are perfect for every occasion but go especially well with watching new episodes. Shop the full line here and make your next party unforgettable. You’ll slay as the best hostess in herstory.

Remember to drink responsibly, henny!

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