The Best Tangerine Margarita cocktail recipe

The Best Tangerine Margarita cocktail recipe

It’s a tangerine. It’s a margarita. It’s a…tangerita?

Margaritas come in all sorts of yummy tropical flavors, but one of the most tragically underrated options is the star of the legendary House of Citrus: tangerine. Though often overlooked, this tiny but mighty member of the citrus family packs a punch of flavor that leaves traditional margaritas in the dust.

If you’ve been looking for a way to shake up your marg routine, you might want to hold onto your wig, because we’re about to serve up the best tangerine margarita cocktail recipe you’ve ever seen!

But first… What’s the difference between a tangerine and an orange anyway? Tangerines are typically sweeter than oranges, meaning they can balance out that tart, sometimes-a-little-too-sour taste you’re bound to find in an orange margarita. So, if you like to live on the sweeter side of life, a tangerita might just be the perfect drink for you.

Shaking Up Your Tangerita

To make a mouthwatering tangerita of your own, all you’ll need is a few ingredients from your local grocery and liquor stores:

  • Tequila.
  • Orange liqueur.
  • Fresh tangerine juice.
  • Lime juice or wedge.
  • Salt or sugar for rim (optional).

When it comes to mixed drinks, everyone’s taste is a little different. We recommend starting out mixing equal parts of tequila, tangerine juice, and lime juice, with a dash less of the orange liqueur. Shake it up well with some crushed ice and serve in your favorite marg glass, rim salty or sweet. We won’t judge.

Still not sweet enough for you? Make it a little extra juicy. Or maybe you’re missing some of that signature orange tartness? Splash in some more orange liqueur, and bam! Bartenders around the world? Out of business the second you grabbed that shaker!

Relax with HOUSE OF LOVE’s Canned Cocktails

But if all that sounds like just a bit too much work, give HOUSE OF LOVE’s ready-to-drink Tangerine Margarita canned cocktail a try. Get all the fresh, tangy sweetness of a homemade tangerita without wasting your valuable relaxation time on all that prep. After all, who wants to spend the party serving drinks when you could simply pop the top off this delicious little drink and get back to serving looks instead?

Not only do our fabulous cans provide a perfect flash of color to complement your outfit, but they also have the same or even less caloric content than your standard mixed drink. Plus, you don’t have to worry about any of that fake stuff like dyes and sweeteners because our cocktails keep it REAL with fruit juice, Mexican tequila, and cane sugar.

Gluten free, vegan, and Kosher certified too? Henny, these drinks have it all! Get your hands on a few cans of bliss today for the perfect pair for your next fiesta. Or try one of our other ready-to-drink canned cocktail flavors like sassy Pomegranate Lime Vodka or sweet Strawberry Daiquiri.

Don’t drink? Don’t worry! There’s a space for everyone in our HOUSE OF LOVE with premium mocktails as well. If you’re feeling fun and fruity, we recommend the Colada Mocktail for a refreshing twist of coconut, pineapple, and sparkling water that will saturate your taste buds with tropical vibes.

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