How to Turn Your Christmas Tree Into Cocktails

How to Turn Your Christmas Tree Into Cocktails

Your Christmas tree is undoubtedly gorgeous in your living room, but did you know she can also serve in a cocktail?

I didn’t think so.

Here are some ways you can quite literally turn your tree into a cocktail that will keep your holiday gatherings iconic, bright, and festive.

Infuse Vodka

One of the easiest ways to turn your Christmas tree into a seasonal cocktail is to infuse vodka with the tree’s needles! We know your alcohol is precious good, don’t you worry! Before you risk any alcohol on the project, do a bit of research to make sure your Christmas tree’s needles are, in fact, edible. Not all evergreen trees are, so this is a crucial step!

Give the needles a good rinse first because no one wants an actual dirty cocktail. Once they’re clean and dry, put your needles in a jar and pour vodka over them until the needles are all completely covered. Then, store it in a cool, dark place for several days—the longer it goes, the better, right?

You can store this infusion for up to two months for a stronger flavor, but you can also take it out sooner if you want a simpler, delicate taste. Simply strain the needles out as you pour the vodka into a new container for a refreshing seasonal shot.

For a fun drink setup, consider getting some Ginger Mule Mocktails that people can drink as a fun canned mocktail or spike with a bit of the infused vodka. You got this, hunty!

Make an Infused Simple Syrup

Make sure every queen at your party gets some flavor! If you want to give both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks some seasonal flair, an infused simple syrup will do the trick! All you need is one part sugar, one part water, and one part chopped needles from your tree.

Bring the water and sugar to a boil on medium-high heat, then turn off the heat and stir in the chopped needles. Leave the mixture to steep for between 2 and 12 hours – just like with the infused vodka, the longer she steeps, the stronger her flavor.

To set up a little mocktail and cocktail bar featuring this syrup, we recommend setting it up with some Pomegranate Lime Vodka canned cocktails and citrus-flavored carbonated water. That way, each guest can pour themselves a glass of the cocktail or carbonated water and top it with your festive simple syrup.

You’ll get some extra points if you also set up a station where people can add a sugar rim to their glass using the infused syrup and plain white sugar.

Keep Your Party Poppin

Make sure you are WERKing it more than you are working this holiday season, girl! If you don’t want to deal with the work and mess of turning your Christmas tree into cocktails, never fear! You can still serve holiday realness at your party, and we are here to help. Our viewing boxes are full of ready-to-drink canned cocktails and mocktails that can help you keep the party going and ensure your guests all find a drink that suits their taste.

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