How are canned cocktails made?

How are canned cocktails made?

Ready-to-drink cocktails are what’s on everyone’s lips, but how are canned cocktails made? And what exactly goes into each can?

We’ve got the answers you’re looking for, plus a list of some of our favorite options to make your tastebuds tingle.

What All the Buzz Is About

Canned cocktails have increased in popularity over the past few years due to recent world events and the desire to have amazing drinks conveniently at your fingertips.

Now, not only are consumers buying on-the-go options to have out on the boat, at a barbecue, or at a friend’s party, but they also want an easy at-home option to sip on.

No matter where you plan to drink it, there are some key factors that come into play for how canned cocktails are made.

Keep reading for all the details and to help you choose the right ones for you.

It’s All About That Base

When it comes to creating the perfect canned cocktail, it’s important to choose which alcohol base is right for your drink.

And whether you’re looking to create a ready-to-drink option or want to know what exactly is in one, here are the four bases to choose from:

Sugar Brew

Sugar brew is made by fermenting sugars from corn, beet, or cane. This is a popular choice because it is not only gluten-free but also has a pretty neutral flavor and doesn’t produce much color.

In addition, this base can be useful from a marketing — and drinking — standpoint because it tends to make your cocktails healthier than beer. However, keep calorie counts in mind when using sugar brew, as they will contribute to the product’s overall sugar and carb ratios.

Malt Base

Malt bases can be more neutral in flavoring and are made from fermented, partially germinated grains. They do contribute sugars and carbs like a sugar brew, but because of their flavor profile, they can be a great gateway product to help beer drinkers enjoy their canned cocktails as well.

Wine Base

Wine bases can have different flavor profiles based on the fermentation process and type of wine used. They can come in neutral bases or unique wine flavorings and often appeal to veteran wine drinkers as a result.

Just keep in mind that these bases can be more expensive due to tax laws. Check all local and federal regulations before utilizing a wine base in your canned cocktail, and know you might pay more as a consumer for these products.

Spirit Base

Lastly, a spirit base is made by distilling botanicals, fruits, sugars, or grains.

Depending on the flavor profile you are going for, you can select rum, gin, whiskey, tequila, or vodka. Each will have a different effect on the product, so a lot of taste testing may be required to get the mix you love! But really, there can never be too much “testing” when it comes to cocktails, if you know what we mean.

Choose The Right Ingredients and Flavors for Your Canned Cocktail

It sounds obvious, but you want a canned cocktail to taste good! And there’s a lot that goes into perfecting the best drink — or choosing the one that’s right for you.

After the right base is selected, it’s time to choose stand-out flavors. There are many ways to source flavors, such as real fruit juice, extractions, and more.

At HOUSE OF LOVE Cocktails, we craft our ready-to-drink cocktails with real fruit juice and no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. They’re also gluten-free, vegan, and kosher-certified! And the majority of the caloric content comes from alcohol instead of the drink base.

That makes our products the winning choice when it comes to convenience, flavor, and health. Put a crown on it!

What To Avoid In a Canned Cocktail

If you’re anything like us, you want to know that what you’re drinking doesn’t contain any toxins. Chemicals can sashay away!

Below are some things to keep in mind when you’re buying your canned cocktails.

Look Out for Chemical Preservatives

As a rule of thumb, if a canned cocktail contains less than 10% alcohol by volume, it probably contains preservatives to fend off microbial growth.

Some of the most commonly used chemicals are potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate, and while you probably won’t notice them in the flavor profile of your drink, they could be damaging to your health.

Beware of Artificial Coloring

Sometimes, the color of a cocktail isn’t the most visually appealing, and creators will add artificial dyes to make it look better.

However, this color alteration often comes from chemicals like FD&C No. 5, which could increase your cancer risk.

That’s why artificial coloring of any kind is a hard NO in our House! It’s never worth it!

Putting It All Together

Once decisions have been made about a canned cocktail's base, flavor profile, and ingredients, it’s time to put it all together. Packaging and production come into play at this point to get the products on the right shelves or directly to consumers.

At HOUSE OF LOVE Cocktails, we believe in bold colors, flavors, and high standards. We’re versatile and offer anything from Tangerine Margarita to Pomegranate Lime Vodka to Strawberry Daiquiri and variety packs to suit everyone’s tastebuds! 

We even offer four mocktail options for friends who may want to indulge in delicious flavors without the alcohol content.

Our ready-to-go drinks are also vibrantly packaged to make any occasion feel special and to add a little spice to even the most ordinary days. Your drinks never have to be boring!

No matter which cocktail is your favorite, we’ve crafted them with love and offer shipping and variety box options so you can get exactly what you need to be delivered right to your doorstep. From The Hall of Fame to The All Star, our mouthwatering mixes deserve a place at your next event.

Grab your favorite flavors today, and drink responsibly, henny!

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