Canned Vodka Cocktails: HOUSEOFLOVE Is Changing the Way You Drink Vodka

Canned Vodka Cocktails: HOUSEOFLOVE Is Changing the Way You Drink Vodka

Say goodbye to your boring old drinks and say hello, hello, hello to something so much better!

A new year is a great time to take a step back and reflect on how you choose to do things in life and this idea absolutely extends to the way you drink.

The days of ordering the same tired beverage at the bar or sipping on a mystery concoction your friend made are so over. 

Have no fear, the drink experts are here! We’re here to help you find your perfect cocktail with vodka.

Generally speaking, vodka pairs well with mixers that are fruity and citrusy. Take, for example, the classic Screwdriver, which is a combination of vodka and orange juice. The sweet acidity of the fruit juice pairs well with the natural tang of vodka. The drink goes down smooth and it’s also delicious, so you’ll be ordering another one fast!

Making your own cocktails, however, has its own list of cons. Fruit juice can expire, pulp can settle too quickly, and if you’re not pouring your own drink, your friends may not know the difference between a sip of vodka and three shots… Good God, girl get a grip! 

And the real T is that we know you’re so much more than a basic Screwdriver diva. That’s why we make our vodka cocktails with iconic drag queens in mind.

Canned cocktails infused with vodka take all the work out of experimenting with (and potentially failing at) making your own drink. The canned HOUSEOFLOVE Cocktails are perfectly portioned for you and your bestie to split. At 7% alcohol, you’re both gonna have a legendary night.

We particularly love our Pomegranate Lime Vodka cocktail because it’s the ideal combination of everything a cocktail should be — fruity, sweet, tart, and with a nice kick to get the party started. The fresh taste of pomegranate juice is evenly matched with the zest of lime. It’s just the right drink for any occasion, be it a bright summer day or a chilly one where you want to spice things up a bit!

If you’re a sweet drink girlie that likes to put an emphasis on the sugar rush, henny, we’ve got you covered. The Watermelon Vodka drink tastes just like your favorite hard candy! Your grown-up sweet tooth has never felt more seen.

Of course, ready-to-drink vodka cocktails can be totally amplified, or totally ruined, by the food you pair with it. Fruit-based drinks tend to do well with salty foods. Vodka, in particular, goes hand-in-hand with red meat, so feel free to treat yourself to that bougie prime rib when you pick up your drink. You’ve earned it!

Turning the party with a drink that’s actually fun to drink doesn’t have to be a hassle. HOUSEOFLOVE Cocktails is all about getting the party started simply and deliciously. To explore more of our tasty flavors and to find out how you can access never-before-seen Drag Race content, visit our website!

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