7 Cocktails to Make for Pride Month

7 Cocktails to Make for Pride Month

Do you know why Pride Month is celebrated in June? While you might know about the 1969 events at the Stonewall Inn, you might not know that President Bill Clinton officially declared June as Pride Month in 1999.

If you're excited about all the upcoming Pride Month parties and get-togethers, you can start preparing by learning how to make delicious Pride-inspired cocktails for all your good Judys.

Learn about some cocktails to make this June and canned cocktails you'll love. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Tangerine Margarita

First on the list of ready-to-drink canned cocktails and mocktails is the HOUSEOFLOVE Tangerine Margarita. This tangy cocktail is made with tangerine and Mexican tequila.

Real cane sugar and juice give it a sweet taste perfect for any Pride event.

2. Watermelon Vodka

Another one of our popular cocktails is our Watermelon Vodka. This refreshing drink is perfect for summer days and Pride parades.

The mix of watermelon, lemon zest, and vodka makes it a great choice to cool off during any outdoor events you might attend.

3. Ginger Mule

If you want the taste of a great cocktail without the alcohol, you'll love some of the canned mocktails we offer! Our Ginger Mule Mocktail is made using authentic candied ginger, lime, and sparkling water.

It's great to drink on its own, or you can add it as a mixer to your other cocktail creations.

4. Colada Mocktail

If you enjoy something a little tropical during your Pride Month celebrations, you should try the HOUSEOFLOVE Colada Mocktail. Coconut, pineapple, and sparkling water make the perfect refresher for a June afternoon spent dancing with friends.

5. Rainbow Shots

If you want to get into the spirit when celebrating Pride Month, you should make rainbow shots! Show off all the beautiful colors of your flag by layering coconut rum, blue raspberry vodka, pineapple juice, and a splash of grenadine.

6. A Kinky Vodka Drink

You can get a little more creative with your cocktail mixes by making a kinky vodka drink.

Combine some pink or blue Kinky Liqueur with vodka and club soda. You can add some pink or blue rock candy to add a little extra jush.

7. A Coffee Cocktail

You can always take the nontraditional route when making cocktails with a coffee-infused concoction. The average coffee drinker has three cups a day, so might as well turn one of those into a cocktail for one of your many Pride Month brunches!

Mix coffee liqueur, amaretto, rum, peppermint schnapps, and your choice of milk for a tasty morning cocktail.

Cocktails to Make and Canned Cocktails to Try This Pride Month

If you're looking for cocktails to make or canned cocktails to help you celebrate Pride Month, you'll find a great list of options in this guide.

The HOUSEOFLOVE cocktails and mocktails are great choices for any pride party. Check out our beverages page to find some of the other flavors and variety boxes we have.

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